hi there

I'm Aoife. (pronounced E-fah; not A-oh-if-ee) I live in Ireland and I'm nice. Like, really nice. We should be friends. I'm a constant contradiction of myself. I'm a little weird, but you'll get used to me. I'm more Hermione than Pansy.

I am not very good at blogging. It's rather random, kinda weird, very nerdy, and I often blog about moustaches and ukuleles. I started without any real idea behind my blog. My earlier posts make me cringe, just as this will in a months time.  However, did you not hear about that new medical report??

It says that following this blog decreases you risk of getting boredom-emia. Oh yes, by quite alot. Terrible condition, it is. So, it's for your sake instead of mine. I'm doing you a massive favour really.

See you 'round :)